Sales PLAYBOOKS: Taking the guesswork out of sales enablement

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Enabling Your Sales Team with the Tools to Succeed

    • Controlling sales cycles is the #1 concern of modern sales leaders and sales ops teams.
    • Best-in-Class companies are 3x more likely than Laggard to deploy sales playbooks.
    • Playbooks users report 15% more sales reps achieving annual quota, compared to non-adopters. 
    • Playbook-enabled sales forces are 29% more mobilized than non-users.

Qvidian provides cloud-based sales execution solutions that enable companies to exceed quota targets, accelerate sales cycles, and win more business by closing the gap between strategy and execution. The company’s innovative software and advisory services offer real-time insight to ensure sales teams do what’s needed to win, by driving repeatable methodologies and making the sales organization more agile.