Streamline sales complexity into an interactive, repeatable process.

You're not alone—and luckily, there's help.

With Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics, you guide your sales reps through each specific selling situation, leveraging your sales process and best practices. The system directs them to use the right tools and content at the right time - tailored for each deal.

Companies Who've Deployed Qvidian Sales Playbooks Achieve:

  • 2.5x increase in average deal size
  • 3-4 times more likely to win the deal
  • 10% shorter sales cycles

See Sales Playbooks in Action:

Serve Up Any Content from Anywhere

  • Sales plays can be any content type—documents, presentations, videos, and other multimedia—stored in any location.

Dynamic Plays with Dynamic Rules

  • Drive plays, stages, or entire playbooks based on dynamic rules-based logic triggered off CRM data, such as deal size, industry, competitors—any custom field in your CRM.

Integrated Tracking from Playbook to CRM

  • Qvidian can automatically update the Opportunity probability or stage in Salesforce.com based on the completion of key plays or stages in the playbook.

Powerful Analytics for Critical Decisions

  • Powerful sales analytics provide insight into sales forecasts based on actual activity–not just projections.

  • Track content usage, winning plays, and identify successful strategies.

Take Your Sales Effectiveness to New Heights with Qvidian:

  • Reduce sales onboarding time to ramp new reps faster

  • Optimize sales process by reinforcing best practices

  • Provide immediate access to marketing assets in all deal types

  • Rapidly adjust to urgent changes affecting your sales team

  • Maximize the value of Salesforce.com and your content repositories

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